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09 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

‘Attractive and mean’ –
Romeo Ferraris’ Polo GTI

2014 Romeo Ferraris Volkswagen Polo GTI

Following in the wheel tracks of the trio of tuned Polos by ABT, B&B Automobiltechnik and MTM, comes this Romeo Ferraris black Polo 6R.

While the German tuners’ specials were based on the limited-edition Polo R WRC ‘Street’, the hatch from the Italian outfit uses the lower-output Polo GTI as its foundation. A new CDA (BMC filter) air filter, and a new complete exhaust system with downpipe and 200-cell catalytic converter have been fitted, resulting in a 38bhp, 74Nm power increase.

Now with 216bhp, this upgraded Polo GTI also benefits from an extensive electronics overhaul, including a Romeo Ferraris module.

Chassis-wise, the car gains new Bilstein/Eibach shock absorbers and springs, making the three-door body sit closer to the ABT five-spoke matt black alloy wheels.

Externally, red detailing on the edge of the rims complement the standard red grille strips and brake calipers. The inside, though, is a different story. We’re not sure about the green leather interior to be honest, preferring the standard car’s ‘Jacky’ checked cloth with its red and grey accents.

Romeo Ferrari says that its Polo GTI is ‘ready to astonish enthusiasts of this car around the world’. While it may not be the wearer of extreme modifications, it’s one of a select band of specials based on the mainstream hot Polo. Find out more:

[Source: VWTuningMag]

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28 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

ABT announces Essen Motor Show debut for 287bhp Polo R WRC Street

2013 Volkswagen Polo R WRC Street by ABT

And… there’s another one. The 2013 Essen Motor Show has attracted another tuned Polo R WRC Street to its halls. This time it’s the turn of long-standing Volkswagen tuner ABT. The lowest of the recently-unveiled tuned Polo R WRC Street triumvirate, the ABT car packs 287bhp (a 70bhp increase), and 18-inch DR alloy wheels. No details have been released on chassis modifications, but certainly externally, the car is the least altered from the three tuner specials. Top speed goes up to 162mph from 150, while torque rises to 309lb ft (420Nm) from 258lb ft (350Nm). The engine upgrade costs €1949. ABT will also display the Golf GTI ‘Dark Edition’ and the Audi RS5-R at the German tuning show.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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28 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

MTM Polo R WRC Street heads to Essen Motor Show with 315bhp

2013 Volkswagen Polo R WRC Street by MTM

It would seem modified Polo R WRC Streets are like buses. You wait for ages for one to come along and then two arrive on the scene within two days. The latest super-hot Polo is from MTM, and will appear at the Essen Motor Show in Germany from 30 November to 8 December. Although not as extreme as the B&B car revealed earlier this week, the MTM Polo R WRC Street is still a tasty piece of kit. MTM’s car develops 315bhp – the same as the Polo R WRC rally car – up almost 100bhp over the standard model. A 380bhp version is on the cards, too, which would make it even more powerful than the 362bhp B&B car.

MTM hasn’t just concentrated on engine upgrades, though. Like B&B, a four-piston brake upgrade has been fitted to the Essen show car, along with an MTM ‘Cubsport chassis’ with KW shock absorbers. Wheels are 8J x 18” ‘Nardo’ items, wrapped in 215/35 Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres. The MTM Polo R WRC Street reaches 62mph (100km/h) in just over four seconds (down from the standard car’s 6.4) and has a top speed of 161mph. No prices have yet been revealed for the cost of the upgrades. If you’re heading for Essen later this week and want to see the MTM Polo, head for the VdAT hall.

[Source: GermanCarScene]

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27 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

More powerful than a rally car! 362bhp Polo R WRC Street by B&B

2013 Volkswagen Polo R WRC Street by B&B

It was inevitable really. As if the limited edition 217bhp Polo R WRC Street wasn’t fast enough, B&B Automobiltechnik has applied a set of mechanical upgrades to the car, which sees it become more powerful than the Polo R WRC rally car it’s been designed to promote. The tuning specialists in Siegen offer several stages of performance upgrades to the R WRC Street, but this, the ultimate stage three option (pictured) results in 362bhp and 376lb ft (510Nm) of torque, up from 258lb ft (349Nm)!

The 0-62mph time falls to 5.2 seconds from 6.4, with 124mph (200km/h) coming up in 17.1 seconds, a seven-second improvement on the standard car. Top speed is now 168mph, compared to the factory car’s 150mph. The Stage Three upgrade consists of remapped ECU software, an enlarged intercooler, and uprated oil cooler, a high-pressure fuel pump, a modified air intake, and upgraded exhaust system, with metal catalytic converter.

The B&B Polo R WRC Street also features sports springs or an adjustable coilover suspension kit, thicker anti-roll bars, a ‘big brake’ upgrade with the option of four- or six-piston calipers, as well as lightweight 8J x 18 alloy wheels with 225/35 tyres. The cost of all this power and dynacism? You too can make your rare Polo R WRC Street stand out from the other 2499 cars by spending €7,950 on top of the €33,900 price of the standard car. B&B Automobiltechnik have a history of tuning Polos, with the Mk 2 B&B Paris and B&B Carat models from the 1980s being the most remembered.

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15 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

2002-2005 Polo 9N B8 damper upgrades released by Bilstein

Bilstein B8 Polo 9N damper upgrade kit

Suspension manufacturer Bilstein has released a damper upgrade for the Polo 9N, built from 2002-2005. Suitable for every variant and engine from the base-model 1.2 three-cylinder car to the 1.9 TDI and GTI versions, Bilstein sys that the B8 damper package ‘significantly enhances the dynamic abilities’ of the 9N’s chassis. The dampers work with both the OEM springs as well as any quality aftermarket replacements, and function well with lower ride heights. The B8 range is designed for drivers in search of more damping capability with improved handling and reduced squat and dive. Everyday ride comfort stays intact.

Each B8 unit is hand-finished in Bilstein’s German factory to surpass even the most stringent of OEM production standards, using the latest gas pressure technology and inverted monotube construction. The suspension manufacturer states that the kit ‘draws heavily from our motorsport heritage and are vastly superior to the twin-tube design fitted by most manufacturers’. Signed off by its own test drivers and engineers after dyno-analysis, the B8 dampers also boast a significantly greater service life than standard parts, as well as offering increased active safety. For more details and prices, visit


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