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05 July 2018 ~ 0 Comments

2001-2009 Polo adjustable front wishbone bushes now available from Powerflex

Powerflex PFF85-201G Black Series front wishbone front bush with camber adjustment

Long-standing suspension bush tuning company Powerflex has announced details of a pair of geometry adjusting products for the Volkswagen Group PQ24 platform, which includes the fourth-generation ‘9N’ and ‘9N3’ Polo models, built from autumn 2001 to spring 2009.

The front wishbone front bush with camber adjustment (PFF85-201G) costs from £45.54 each, while the front wishbone rear bush with caster offset (PFF85-602G) is priced from £65.94 each. Manufactured by the company which produces the number one selling performance bushes in Europe, prices include VAT and both are available now to order online at

In-built camber adjustment
The front wishbone front bush has in-built camber adjustment, and the 30mm diameter bushing permits +/- 0.5 degrees of camber adjustment thanks to its offset bore, which can be easily rotated using the bespoke tooling (supplied). This gives a greater degree of control over the car’s geometry settings, while the bush’s knurled end prevents unwanted sleeve rotation and enables camber settings to be ‘fixed’ once the optimal position has been achieved.

In-built caster adjustment
Powerflex’s front wishbone rear bush with in-built caster adjustment is even more impressive. Engineering a bushing able to offer +1 degree of caster proved challenging for the Powerflex research and development team, but the resulting product comprises a low friction polyurethane centre bush, housed within a specially-created, hard-anodised aluminium outer shell.

This is proven to promote the optimum relationship between bushing and aluminium shell, with the low friction rotating bush serving to reduce the forces acting on the arm itself. The lower arm deflection has been decreased by reducing the compliant material within the aluminium shell, effectively allowing for improved in-corner camber, without compromising straight line traction.

Lifetime warranty
Powerflex’s signature polyurethane is the material from which the latest bushes are made. As it has a proven ability to withstand the immense forces, temperatures and conditions which are part and parcel of a hard-working automotive chassis, the PQ24 bushes benefit from Powerflex’s lifetime warranty. As well as the standard kits, Powerflex also offers the PQ24 chassis products in its Black Series range, which are tailored for use with track day and competition cars, and boast a stiffer construction.

Also compatible with the 1999 to 2005 Audi A2 (1999-2005), the 2002 to 2009 SEAT Cordoba ‘6L’ and 2002 to 2008 SEAT Ibiza ‘6L’, 2000 to 2007 Skoda Fabia (2002-2008), as well as the 2205 to 2011 Volkswagen Fox, visit the Powerflex website for more information.

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12 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Event photo report:
Club Polo 2015 Polo Social

Over the weekend of 26-28 June, the UK’s leading organisation for Volkswagen Polo owners once again staged its annual gathering. Previously called the ‘Polo Show’, for 2015 the name of the event was changed to more reflect its status and nature, being more of a social meet-up than a full-blown ‘show’ in the traditional sense.

Show ’n’ Shine
Whatever the name, it didn’t deter Polo owners from all corners of the UK descending on Billing Aquadrome in Northamptonshire for three days of Polo-based antics. With a Show ’n’ Shine on the Sunday, we made our way to the event to present the trophy for what we thought was the best car at the show. Shane Biggs’ 6N2 GTI was awarded the prize.

Eight trophies in total were up for grabs, with four (1st, 2nd, 3rd best cars in show and ‘People’s Choice’) awards chosen by the event attendees. Club Polo organisers chose the ‘Best Wheels’, ‘Best Interior’ and ‘Best Rat’ winners.

A relaxed and informal atmosphere is one of the nice things about the event, and as usual, there was a nice mix of older and newer cars, though sadly no Mk 1 Polos made the event in the model’s 40th anniversary year. To find out more about Club Polo or to join, visit

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17 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Polo hatchback and saloon prices reduced in Brazil

2014 Volkswagen Polo Sportline (Brazil)

The Polo hatchback and saloon ranges have been reduced in price in Brazil ahead of the model’s discontinuation later in the year, reports Noticias Automotivas. Now starting at USD $46,690 for the Polo 1.6 hatchback, Polo Sedan (saloon) prices kick off at USD $48,790 for a similarly-engined car.

Reductions range from USD $2460 for the base model to USD $3250 for the Sedan in 1.6 I-Motion guise. The Brazilian Polo and Polo Sedan are based on the facelifted Mk 4 model, discontinued in Europe in 2009 with the introduction of the current 6R fifth-generation car. Find out more here.

Polo hatchback new price / old price
1.6: USD $ 46,690 / USD $49,150
1.6 I-Motion: USD $49,470 / USD $50,795*
BlueMotion 1.6: USD $51,220 / USD $53,680
1.6 Sportline: USD $49,190 / USD $51,683 R *
Sportline 1.6 I-Motion: USD $ 51,970 / USD $55,170

Polo Sedan: new price / old price
1.6: USD $48,790 / USD $51,990
1.6 I-Motion: USD $51,570 / USD $54,820
1.6 Comfortline: USD $51,290 / USD $54,280
Comfortline 1.6 I-Motion: USD $54,070 / USD $57,120
2.0 Comfortline: USD $54,890 / USD $57,880

[Source: Noticias Automotivas]

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15 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

2002-2005 Polo 9N B8 damper upgrades released by Bilstein

Bilstein B8 Polo 9N damper upgrade kit

Suspension manufacturer Bilstein has released a damper upgrade for the Polo 9N, built from 2002-2005. Suitable for every variant and engine from the base-model 1.2 three-cylinder car to the 1.9 TDI and GTI versions, Bilstein sys that the B8 damper package ‘significantly enhances the dynamic abilities’ of the 9N’s chassis. The dampers work with both the OEM springs as well as any quality aftermarket replacements, and function well with lower ride heights. The B8 range is designed for drivers in search of more damping capability with improved handling and reduced squat and dive. Everyday ride comfort stays intact.

Each B8 unit is hand-finished in Bilstein’s German factory to surpass even the most stringent of OEM production standards, using the latest gas pressure technology and inverted monotube construction. The suspension manufacturer states that the kit ‘draws heavily from our motorsport heritage and are vastly superior to the twin-tube design fitted by most manufacturers’. Signed off by its own test drivers and engineers after dyno-analysis, the B8 dampers also boast a significantly greater service life than standard parts, as well as offering increased active safety. For more details and prices, visit


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11 June 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Polo Vivo keeps afloat at the top of the South African sales charts

2012 Volkswagen Polo Vivo sedan and hatchback

Once again, the Polo Vivo was the best-selling car in South Africa last month, according to figures releases by NAAMSA. The locally-built entry Volkswagen sold 15,135 units, and has been the top-selling car in South Africa for the last three years. The current Polo 6R was once again in second place, shifting 11,987 examples. Both cars are made at Volkswagen Group South Africa’s Uitenhage factory. The exceptional market performance means that Volkswagen Group South Africa maintains its leadership position in the 2013 passenger car market, with a large market share of 23.8 per cent.

The Polo Vivo was launched in March 2010 as an entry-level model for the South African market, replacing the Series 1 Golf-based CitiGolf, and is available as a three or five-door hatchback and four-door booted saloon with 74bhp/84bhp 1.4-litre and 103bhp 1.6-litre petrol engines. Costing from R111,900 for the base-model 1.4 hatchback to R161,100 for the top 1.6 Polo Maxx, the 2013 Polo Vivo is based on the revised version of the Series 4 Polo (9N3), built from 2005 to 2009. The fifth-generation Polo (6R) is available as both a three and five-door hatchback, in addition to the four-door Polo Sedan.

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