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03 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Goodridge Performance launches 2014 > Polo GTI ‘Phantom’ brake line kit

Goodridge Performance Volkswagen Polo GTI 2014 > brake line kit

The latest version of the Polo GTI has been added to Goodridge Performance’s Phantom line of brake hose kits. Priced from £74.95 in the UK, the fittings of the ‘High Performance Brakelines’ kit come in a choice of stainless steel or zinc-plated materials, while the hoses can be specified in one of nine colours.

PTFE inner, stainless steel outer
The hoses have a PTFE inner, with a stainless steel outer braid. Goodridge states that this eliminates ‘the spongy feel’ under arduous conditions, resulting in a greater clutch operation. The kits are also said to provide superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and ‘not only provide the reliability and safety demanded but offer brilliant good looks that improve the appearance of any installation.’

Drawing on professional motorsport heritage and use, the Polo GTI brake hose kit is, as with all hose kit applications, 100 per cent pressure tested and is guaranteed to be leak-free and give an improved braking performance. The lines are also 100 per cent TÜV, DOT, ADR and ISO approved. Each kit is supplied with a selection of brackets and contains both square and banjo type fittings, one at either end of the line.

The ‘6C’ Polo GTI 2014 > brake hose kit is product number SVW0706 and is available to order via the Goodridge Performance website. A range of brake line products is also available to fit Volkswagen Polo models from 1994 onwards. The full list is available here.

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22 June 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Power Stage Polo: 417bhp for Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Polo R WRC

2016 Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Volkswagen Polo R WRC

Have a 217bhp limited edition 2013 Polo R WRC and think it needs more power? That’s handy, because Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Solingen GmbH has the answer, with a rally car-beating power boost. A 10,200 euro kit sees the German tuner lift power of the ultra rare Polo R WRC ‘Street’ boosted to 417bhp, that’s around 200bhp more than the original car.

417bhp, 480Nm, 174mph
The 2.0-litre engine of the Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Polo R WRC has boosted torque of 480Nm/354lb ft (up from 350Nm/258lb ft), a 3.15kg/bhp power to weight ratio as well as a ‘hellish’ maximum speed of 174mph. In a – two-wheel, front-wheel drive – Polo! We’re not even sure we’d want to try that one. This road-going Polo has around 100bhp more than its current motorsport cousin.

An upgraded turbocharger, an adjusted air intake and six-bar fuel pump are what has made the power rise, along with a ‘Y-pipe’ with sports catalyst and stainless steel sports exhaust system (with valve control), a modified intercooler, as well as optimisations to the car’s software itself. All components have been carefully selected to ensure high functional reliability and longevity.

High performance air filter
The stylishly graphic-laden Wimmer demo car also gains from a high-performance K&N air filter (94 euro), 8 x 17” Oz rims and 215/40-17 rubber (1990 euro) and a KW coilover suspension system (1699 euro). Think you’ve got what it takes to handle one of the most powerful road-going Polos we’ve ever seen? (Along with 13,983 euro and the rare ‘donor’ car in the first place.) Then visit and tick some fast kit Polo boxes.

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15 October 2015 ~ 0 Comments

ABT Sportsline celebrates Polo’s 40th birthday with 230bhp upgrade

2015 ABT Volkswagen Polo

Forty years ago, when the Volkswagen Polo was first launched, the synchronistic output of 40bhp was more than enough for the 685kg small car. Fast forward four decades, though, and that total power output of the 1970s model translates into a mere power upgrade.

Hardcore and powerful
German Volkswagen tuner ABT has long fiddled with Polos to make them more hardcore and powerful with added style, and it has announced the ‘ABT VW Polo 2015’ programme which boosts power to as much as 230bhp (169kW) from the 1.8-litre TSI engine fitted to the Polo GTI.

The company’s ‘New Generation’ performance upgrades are based on a specially-developed control unit, and in the case of the 230bhp Polo, helps torque rise to a maximum of 360Nm (265lb ft). ‘40 years ago it would have taken the then brand new Porsche Turbo to beat it,’ said ABT Sportsline CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt.

Enhanced handling
ABT upgrades are available for most Polo models, with even the 108bhp (81kW) 1.2-litre TSI boosted to 138bhp (103kW) with torque of 220Nm (162lb ft). ABT says handling is enhanced with lowered 25mm (front) and 30mm (rear) springs. A wide range of 18-inch wheels with 215/35 R18 tyres can be chosen, too.

Other add-on features include various carbonfibre-look body addenda as well as an upgraded exhaust system. The three-door model can also be ‘exclusively’ fitted with a bi-coloured carbon wrap set and for the ultimate ‘exclusive’ touch, how about ABT-branded LED entrance lighting and floor mats?

ABT engine technology

Engine: 1.8 TSI, 1,798cc capacity, R4
Performance tuning: ABT Power ‘New Generation’
Performance: 230bhp/169kW (standard: 190bhp/141kW)
Torque: 360Nm (standard: 250 or 320Nm)

Engine: 1.2 TSI, 1,197cc capacity, R4
Performance tuning: ABT Power ‘New Generation’
Performance: 138bhp/103kW (standard: 108bhp/81kW)
Torque: 220Nm (standard: 175Nm)

ABT aerodynamics
– ABT carbon-look rear attachment above third braking light
– ABT rear skirt set
– ABT sticker set (two-coloured carbon-look)

ABT wheels
– ER-C, DR or Z-Design in 8.0 x 18-inch, ET35
– Available also as complete set of wheels and 215/35 R18 tyres.

ABT exhaust technology
– ABT muffler system with two end pipes 

ABT suspension
– ABT suspension springs (FA 25 mm, RA 30 mm lowering)

ABT interior
– ABT floor mats
– ABT LED-door entrance lights with ABT logo.

For more details on the whole range of ABT tuning upgrades for the Polo, visit ABT’s website.

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07 August 2015 ~ 0 Comments

2015 Volkswagen Polo GTI
by HG Motorsport

2015 Volkswagen Polo GTI by HG Motorsport

The latest version of the Polo GTI been extensively upgraded by German tuning company HG Motorsport. Among the key features of the modifications package is an HF-Series carbon intake system, a ‘Bull X’ 3.0-inch exhaust downpipe mated to a ‘sound flap’ exhaust with carbonfibre tip finishers, as well as a modified intercooler.

The package adds 71bhp to the standard 2015 Polo GTI’s 189, with 258lb ft (350Nm, an increase of 20Nm) of torque. Exterior add-ons are limited to a red finish on the 17-inch ‘Parabolica’ alloys wheels, although a visibly-lowered ride height is courtesy of the coilover suspension system.

The Bull-X downpipe retails from €639,00, while the carbon intake kit costs €549,00. For more information and details on prices, visit HG Motorsport’s website here.


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03 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Webcon reintroduces 1043cc carburettor kit for 1981-1985 VW Polo and Derby

2015 Webcon carburettor kit for 1981-1985 Volkswagen Polo 1043cc

Sunbury, UK-based carburettor manufacturer Webcon has reintroduced its carburettor kit for 1043cc-engined Volkswagen Polo and Derby models, built from 1981 to 1985. Priced at £183.75 (€253.58) plus VAT, the kit features a genuine Spanish Weber replacement carburettor for cars originally fitted with the Solex 31PIC7 part. The new item’s part number is 1527075000.

No additional tuning
The new item has been designed to fit the original manifold and air filters, and is supplied fully jetted for the engine with no additional tuning needed. Also included is every bolt, nut, washer and gasket for the job, as well as comprehensive instructions. Webcon says, ‘If you can carry out basic home DIY maintenance on your car, then you will easily be able to fit a Webcon replacement carburettor kit’.

The replacement kit is available from Webcon direct or from one of the company’s appointed worldwide dealers. For further information, contact Webcon on +44 (0)1932 787100 or visit Webcon is a long-standing manufacturer of carburettor systems and has used the same engineers since 1978. The company states that ‘every kit produced is designed to return your car to factory levels of performance’.

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