01 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Make it your own: official New Polo accessories range launched

2014 Volkswagen Polo, accessories: alloy wheel

Just as the New Polo gears up to hit markets around the world, Volkswagen has released a range of accessories for the refreshed model. A 48-page PDF catalogue has appeared at www.volkswagen.de and covers everything from alloy wheels to suitcases.

Specific New Polo sports enhancements include a larger rear spoiler, chrome hatch trim, an exhaust finisher, carbon-fibre wing mirror and interior mirror caps, aluminium ‘racing’ pedals and ten different styles of alloy wheel and wheel cover.

Inside, owners can choose between a boot-mounted sub-woofer for enhanced aural pleasure, a Bluetooth phone kit, and a DAB+ radio system. A wide range of child seats is also available, along with floor mats, sill trim and kick plates, sun blinds, and luggage space dividers.

Touring accessories include luggage boxes and trays, and numerous roof and cycle racks. There’s even a plug-in coffee maker to make the perfect espresso! The usual official Volkswagen car care solutions and merchandise options can also be chosen.

While there’s no confirmation yet on the availability of the new official range of accessories for the refreshed Polo in the UK or elsewhere, you can take a look at or download the brochure here. What takes your fancy?

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27 November 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Added go in the snow – Polo stars in film for Volkswagen Official Accessories

A Nimbus Grey Polo features in the latest promotional video for Volkswagen Official Accessories. Promoting the company’s winter add-ons and extras, the accessorised five-door 6R is seen spearing up snow-covered mountain passes and hurtling back down them again, with the emphasis on the amount of driving fun to be had when fitting Volkswagen Official Accessories. Although the film is aimed at the German market, Volkswagen UK offers its own range of accessories, which can be found in the official brochure. Available to book now, it’s also offering a winter check for £25 at a Volkswagen Retailer until 13 March 2013, which includes brake, lights and tyres check, visual look at levels for oil and washer fluids, and an alternator and battery performance report.

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26 October 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Volkswagen launches UK and European winter tyre programmes

With darkness hours about to get longer with the end of British Summer Time this weekend, Volkswagen UK is supporting TyreSafe’s winter tyre campaign with the launch of its own winter tyre programme. A cost-effective way for drivers to get the right winter tyres on their Volkswagen, a set of four tyres can be fitted to existing wheels, starting from £250 fully fitted. In addition, complete winter tyre and wheel sets are also available. The 15 to 19-inch alloy wheels specified in the programme have been designed to offer maximum anti-corrosion resistance to snow and salt, and start from £725 including fitting.

Volkswagen Accessories is also offering a similar programme on mainland Europe. For the Polo, the five-spoke ‘Sima’ alloy wheel is offered in both 14 and 15-inch sizes, with Semperit Master-Grip 185/60 R14 82T (€149.00) or Michelin Alpin A4 185/60 R15 88T EL (€179.00) tyres. The smaller rims and tyre set fit Series 4 (9N and 9N3) Polos built from 2002-2009, while the larger pairing fit all current 6R Polos, including standard, GTI, and Cross Polo models. As well as tyres and wheels, Volkswagen also offers durable high-quality nylon tyre/wheel storage bag – cost is £25 inclusive for a set of four.

As most people drive to and from work in the early morning and late afternoon, when temperatures are even lower than the daily average, Volkswagen states that winter tyres are recommended over summer tyres for up to six months of the year. Winter tyres use a rubber compound optimised for temperatures of less than seven degrees celsius. Conventional tyres become stiffer at low temperatures, but the winter compounds remain softer and therefore better able to maintain grip. They also benefit from a special tread pattern that optimises water displacement and additional grooves, called sipes, which help to maximise traction.

Winter tyres therefore help to provide better grip whether under cornering, braking, or acceleration, and whether the roads are wet, icy, snowy or simply cold. According to safety organisation tyresafe.org, they can reduce braking distances by up to 11 metres in icy conditions, and around eight metres (or two car lengths) on snowy roads. For more precise information on UK specifications, visit your Volkswagen Retailer or www.volkswagen.co.uk and for further details on the benefits of cold weather/winter tyres visit www.tyresafe.org/wintertyres.

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02 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Flavour Polo to your tastes with
the Volkswagen Official Accessories app

Have a current fifth-generation Polo 6R? Is it not tasty enough for you? Then worry no more, as Volkswagen UK has released an Official Polo Accessories app for the ubiquitous Apple iPhone and iPad. Available free from the Apple App Store, the app is essentially a swish brochure to swipe and poke at, giving details of all the latest official accessories and trinkets that are available to make your Polo stand out from the crowd. There’s a video showcasing most of the external add-ons as well as some ‘lifestyle’ items, a general extras and sports section featuring body kits and styling addenda, and a wheels and tyres section (strangely using the US spelling of ‘tires’, when the Polo’s not even sold there). The wheels section is particularly nice, as the wheels are shown on an actual Polo, so you get an instant visual representation of what the choice will look like. All part numbers and prices are included, to help make ordering from a Volkswagen Retailer easy. Volkswagen UK has also launched similar Official Accessories apps for the Eos, Jetta and new Passat.

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31 July 2011 ~ 13 Comments

Volkswagen offers retrofit LED daytime running lights for Polo and Golf

Fancy a mean Golf R/Porsche 911-like piercing LED stare from your 6R Polo? Or how about a bit of Audi LED-bling? Volkswagen Accessories in Germany has announced that current Polo (AO5) and Golf (AO6) models can be retrofitted with bright white LED daytime running lights. The 22 LEDs that make up each unit generate four times the luminosity of conventional parking/side lights and automatically start when the engine is turned on, going out when parking or low-beam headlights are illuminated, or, when the engine is turned off. The LED daytime runners are energy saving, too, and have 10,000 hours of operation – more than enough to bear down on that Corsa or Fiesta on the M1. Unlike the £745 Bi-Xenon headlamp units available as an optional extra on SEL and GTI Polo models, the retrofit LED lights are mounted on the front bumper. Ordering takes place via Volkswagen Retailers, although prices and availability for the UK has yet to be decided.

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