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The PoloDriver review of 2012

2013 Volkswagen Polo R WRC

Similarly to 2011, the most exciting Polo news of 2012 was the unveiling of the Polo R WRC in final competition trim. Other motorsport series also continued around the world, with the Polo competing as both a rally and track car. As far as the road car was concerned, it still continued to win awards and post strong sales figures in the UK and further afield. A number of special editions were launched in various markets, while the 218bhp Polo R WRC ‘Street’ – the most powerful production and the most expensive Polo ever – was announced. (Bold entries are illustrated by the picture above that particular month.)

2012 Volkswagen Polo Match (Germany)


  • Australia’s Drive magazine crowns Polo 77TSI its Best City Car 2011 winner
  • Polo leads Volkswagen triumphs at 2011 Australia’s Best Cars Awards; 66TDI model takes ‘Best Light Car over $20,000’ prize
  • German market Polo Match launched
  • Revised Polo 6R range announced for Australia; three-door model dropped.

2012 Volkswagen Racing South Africa Polo S2000


  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Forge Motorsport announce Polo GTI 6R silicone boost kits
  • Polo sixth best-selling car in the UK
  • Jetex launches 3-inch race cat and exhaust downpipe for Polo GTI 6R
  • New Polo S2000 rally car unveiled for South African National Rally Championship
  • Polo R WRC makes it long-awaited first public appearance at Volkswagen’s Winter Night racing event in Austria
  • Polo takes Europe’s best-selling supermini crown.

2012 Volkswagen Polo BlueGT


  • Polo R WRC completes first gravel test in Spain
  • Volkswagen unwrap 138bhp Polo BlueGT with active cylinder deactivation technology at Geneva motor show
  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Polo eighth best-selling car in the UK
  • Polo Vivo Zest goes on sale in South Africa
  • Vento Comfortline and cricket-themed Polo and Vento IPL Edition IIs launched in India
  • BP Volkswagen Polo S2000s make strong first showing on South Africa’s 2012 Total Rally.

Volkswagen Navarra: six-millionth Polo


  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Volkswagen Navarra produces its six millionth Polo
  • Polo seventh best-selling car in the UK
  • Superchips Polo GTI ECU with 27bhp power boost becomes on sale
  • Polo Sedan launched in Malaysia; prices start at RM99,888
  • Australia’s National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council announce Polo is the most secure vehicle in its class
  • Polo Vivo celebrates two years of success
  • Polo R-Line available to order in the UK; from £15,195.

2012 Volkswagen Polo SR Edition and Polo R-Cup India racer


  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Polo seventh best-selling car in the UK
  • Ex-Ford motorsport guru Jost Capito joins Volkswagen Motorsport to head up Polo R WRC campaign
  • CrossPolo ‘Urban White’ special edition launched in Germany
  • New Volkswagen UK ‘Dad’ TV commercial airs for first time
  • New 178bhp TSI-engined Polo GTI-based race cars announced for Volkswagen Polo R Cup India 2012
  • Polo R WRC and R WRC Street ‘concept’ versions debut on stage at the 2012 Wörthersee GTI Festival.

2012 Volkswagen Polo Vivo GT


  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Hands-free Bluetooth kit added to UK Polo’s equipment list
  • Polo seventh best-selling car in the UK.

2010 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion


  • Prices of Polo BlueGT announced; from €19.650 in Europe
  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Polo ninth best-selling car in the UK
  • Polo Black and Silver Editions launched in Germany
  • Polo BlueMotion records 971 miles and 97.1mpg on one tank of fuel
  • Polo third best-selling car in Europe
  • Polo R WRC competes in Rally d’Italia (no points scored)
  • Polo R WRC stars in AutoMuseum Volkswagen motorsport exhibition.

2012 Volkswagen Polo GTI Carbon Edition


  • Parkers award Polo ‘Cost of Motoring New Car Awards 2012’ title
  • Polo eighth best-selling car in the UK
  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Polo GTI wins Australian Motor magazine’s ‘Bang For Your Bucks’ award for second year
  • Polo Vivo and Polo prices realigned in South Africa
  • Limited edition Polo GTI Carbon Edition announced for Switzerland; only 100 units to be produced.

2013 Volkswagen Polo Sedan (Middle East)


  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Polo sixth best-selling car in the UK
  • Polo Sedan launched in the Middle East; same as Polo Sedan in South Africa and Russia, and Vento in India.

2012 Engen Volkswagen Cup, Durban: Kelvin van der Linde


  • Polo fifth best-selling car in Europe
  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Polo ninth best-selling car in the UK
  • 131bhp Shanghai-Volkswagen Polo GTI launched in China
  • Jari-Matti Latvala named as second Volkswagen Polo R WRC driver
  • Polo BlueGT available for ordering in the UK; prices from £17,400
  • One millionth fifth-generation Polo 6R produced (a Candy White GTI); heads to Australia
  • Kelvin van der Linde wins 2012 Engen Volkswagen Cup.

2012 Volkswagen CrossPolo Urban Ice package (South Africa)


  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Polo SR Edition ‘concept’ appears at Autocar Performance Show in India
  • Polo S2000s claim one-two finish in South Africa Garden Route Rally
  • Polo tenth best-selling car in the UK
  • Mildly-refreshed Polo and Vento go on sale in India
  • South African CrossPolo ‘Urban Ice’ package announced
  • Polo R WRC test in Mexico.

2013 Volkswagen Polo R WRC


  • PoloDriver.com publishes 800-mile Scottish Highlands Polo BlueMotion road test
  • Ameya Walavlkar crowned Volkswagen Polo R Cup India 2012 champion
  • Polo Vivo is best-selling car in South Africa; Polo 6R is runner-up
  • Polo R WRC competition car launched for assault on 2013 WRC series
  • Polo R WRC road car unveiled; 218bhp, 2.0-litres, LHD only, €33.900
  • Polo wins gold award in 2013 TüV/Auto Bild reliability report
  • Polo 77TSI and 66TDI win Drive magazine and Australia’s Best Car awards for third consecutive year
  • Polo R WRC competition car appears at 2012 Race of Champions in Bangkok
  • Polo Life special edition announced for German market.

It’s once again been a busy Polo year for Volkswagen and also for us here at PoloDriver. We would like to thank the loyal readers and followers who have helped make the year both an enjoyable one and a record-breaking one for visitor figures, and hope that you’ll enjoy the developments and stories coming to the website in 2013. [Click on the ‘Polo 2009-’, ‘Polo Vivo’ and ‘WRC’ tags in the category drop-down list in the right-hand sidebar of the website to see all entries pertaining to the fifth-generation Polo, South African Polo Vivo, and Polo R WRC respectively.]

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