01 October 2010 ~ 625 Comments

EXCLUSIVE: Is this the first
customer new Polo GTI in the UK?

It may be raining outside, but here’s something to brighten all prospective new Polo GTI owners’ moods. Is this the first customer 2010 Polo GTI in the country? Our entry reporting on the first UK magazine road tests of the new hotshot Polo has become something of a mini-forum, with Polo GTI-owners-to-be who have placed orders with their local Volkswagen retailers commenting about the various build stages of ‘their’ cars. It seems that the latest Polo GTI is something of a hot ticket right now, and prospective buyers can wait anything between 12 weeks and 6 months for cars to arrive. Our special correspondent collects his car tomorrow and it’s pictured here in the retailer’s parking lot, resplendent in its Flash Red paint and protective polythene. In something of an exclusive, we hope to bring you the proud new owner’s first impressions over the next few days.

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