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25 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

’40 Years Polo’ exhibition opens at AutoMuseum Volkswagen

The 'VW 80' is an eco-Polo prototype. A Derby Cabrio can also been at the AutoMuseum Volkswagen exhibition

We’d heard earlier in the year that a special exhibition celebrating 40 years of the Polo was to open in the famed AutoMuseum Volkswagen, and on 23 July a small gathering of enthusiasts were in Wolfsburg to mark the start of the jubilee display.

21 special Polos
The ’40 Years Polo’ exhibition runs until 4 October at the former Odermark factory Dieselstrasse site in Volkswagen’s home city. Twenty-one special Polos are on show. The display largely focuses on the early Mk 1 and Mk 2 cars, but later models can be seen among the museum’s regular exhibits.

As well as production cars, unique prototypes can be seen, too. As well as the well-known 1983 rear-engined rear-wheel drive Polo Sprint built to evaluate handling characteristics and the 1985 G40 endurance record-setting car, one very special Mk 1 Polo features, awaken from its slumbers from the annals of Volkswagen’s heritage collection.

Eco-Polo prototype
The ‘VW 80’ eco-Polo prototype is fitted with a supercharged three-cylinder diesel engine, much the same technology as in the later Öko-Polo (Eco-Polo) from 1987, which is also on display. The VW 80 Polo dates from 1980 and looks odd with its faired-in front grille section, half rear wheel arch covers and aerodynamic body kit.

Other highlights include a Mk 2 Polo designed by Rainer Buchmann. On sale in limited numbers during 1986, the BB Polo Paris features a digital dash, uprated sound system, alcantara Recaro seats and very unique square-edged body kit.

Motorcycle and sidecar
The first Mk 2 Polo GT is also on show, as well as the VW Motorsport-created wide-arch Polo G40. One of the least known Polo exhibits is the motorcycle and sidecar, which was built by Volkswagen employees.

Our friends at the VW Polo IG Germany e.V. have helped bring the special Polos together, so the exhibition is one of the most diverse collection of early models. A special brochure is also available for €5 which describes all the exhibits in fascinating detail.

We’re heading over to Wolfsburg for the day in early September, so will report back in greater detail. We’d really encourage a visit anyway, as it’s a fascinating place full of unique production cars and prototypes and really is a must-visit place for Volkswagen fans. Head over to the AutoMuseum Volkswagen website to find out more.

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12 May 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Hot stuff: Volkswagen Academy India apprentices build firefighting Polo

2014 Volkswagen Polo firefighting car

Apprentices at Volkswagen’s Pune factory in India have built a firefighting car as part of their final year Dual Apprenticeship Programme. The Volkswagen Academy India students made the car for the Fire and Safety Department of the Volkswagen India plant.

Fourteen young people used parts from a Vento (Polo saloon) and CrossPolo to make the project car. Numeous modifications were made. The basic design of the Vento was used, but a pick-up body style was fabricated from the B-pillar rearwards.

The tailgate was built with its hinges at the bottom to facilitate easy loading and unloading of items from the rear storage space. Approximately 160 parts of the car were created especially for the project. Powering the firefighting Polo is a 1.6-litre TDI engine.

The Pilot Hall team at Volkswagen’s Pune factory – which is responsible for experimental projects – mentored the apprentices throughout the process of building the car. The project gave the apprentices a unique opportunity to have hands-on experience with the activities associated with building a vehicle.

Volkswagen Academy India started its three-year Dual Apprenticeship Programme in 2011. A mechatronics course that educates the students in various disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, electronics and IT, the first batch of students are now their final year.

As a part of their syllabus, the apprentices had to undertake a practical project. To keep the focus on manufacturing, it was decided by the apprentices to build a low-budget car. The firefighting Polo will be used for daily inspection around the factory as well as the movement of material by the Fire and Safety Department.

K T Vijayan, Head of Volkswagen Academy, Volkswagen India Private Limited said: ‘The well-accomplished project of building the firefighting car shows the diversity of education our academy students receive and the course’s unique approach towards practical learning.’

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