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23 August 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Update: Polo Mikado and Peppermint added to Series 2 specials page

We’ve been doing a bit of late summer sprucing here at PoloDriver. There are still some parts of the site that we’ve still got to go through, but today, we’ve added more information about two Series 2 Polo special models; the Polo Mikado and the Polo Peppermint. The Peppermint (pictured above), was, as far as we know, only available in France and was basically a rebadged Fox. Available from September 1991, the Peppermint was available with a 1043cc 45bhp petrol engine and a 1398cc 48bhp diesel unit. Also built around the base-model Fox, the Polo Mikado was on sale year later, and featured special paint finishes (including the unique Violet Blue) and brightly-coloured interior trim. Other embellishments included exterior colour-matched wheel trim rings. Head over to the Series 2 specials page to find out more, and to let us know of any unique models we may have missed.

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10 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Polo TEAM: ‘Legends’ TV commercial

Earlier in the week, we brought you details about the new advertising campaign for Volkswagen’s TEAM range of models, featuring Germany’s greatest footballing heroes. As well as print and online promotions, there’s also this TV spot, too, to tie-in with the 2010 World Cup tournament. Walter Fritz, Paul Breitner and Rudi Völler all appear in the 30-second commercial which largely focuses on the Polo. Available to order in Germany, the 1.2-litre 59bhp Polo TEAM kicks the whole range off and is priced from €14,525, topping out with the €19.350 1.6-litre 89bhp TDI with seven-speed DSG gearbox.

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06 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Polo TEAM: ‘Legends’
advertising campaign

German Football legends Fritz Walter, Paul Breitner and Rudi Völler star in the latest advertising campaign for Volkswagen’s special edition TEAM models. In true Volkswagen special edition tradition, the extra-value family of Polo, Golf, Golf Plus, Scirocco and Tiguan TEAM models offer more kit for less money and what better way to promote football-associated models than with national heroes from the past?

Promotion for the TEAM models is now entering its second half and the legendary players from the 1954, 1974 and 1990 German world cup teams are now part of the campaign. ‘With this new campaign, we take off from all other football campaigns and continue to build up anticipation for the world championship. Together with our successful team special models and also Walter Fritz, Paul Breitner and Rudi Völler, we have the best team of all time,’ Werner Eichorn, Marketing Manager of Volkswagen Passenger Cars (Germany) enthuses.

The first phase of the ‘Legends’ promotion was the ‘Wintermärchens’ (‘Winter Fairy Tale’) campaign, which spread one idea across all forms of media. Based on the idea of celebration, the TV spots and print ads showed fans rejoicing with floats in street, celebrating Volkswagen’s ‘victory’ with the new TEAM models. With the new campaign, everyone can get involved and support the German World Cup entry (as well as the TEAM models) by ordering a personalised ‘TEAM 2010’ poster online. There will also be table-top football in Volkswagen Retailers across Germany, while the campaign will be rounded off with fan articles and public viewings of the Team models at selected locations.

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11 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

New Polo TEAM: ‘Wintermärchens’
TV commercial

Here’s the TV commercial from the campaign for the Team range of models of which the Polo TEAM we highlighted last week is one. First aired on 23 December 2009, the ‘Winter Fairy Tale’ spot is just one part of a multimedia campaign and along with its print and online equivalents, the 30-second ad promotes the group of Volkswagen special editions made to highlight Germany’s 2010 World Cup entry.

Paraded through the streets of Germany like heroes who have already won football’s biggest prize, the TEAM special editions are given an ovation usually reserved for top players of the sport. German rock band (I know, we thought so too) Revolverhead provide the soundtrack, reworking their 2008 fan anthem Helden 2008 exclusively for VW to become Helden 2010 for the German car maker to take to South Africa in the summer.

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04 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

New Polo: TEAM special edition

The turn of the new year has only just happened, but already Volkswagen has announced a special edition of the new Polo for its home market. Technically it was available to order at the very end of 2009, but when it was released is of little consequence: the Polo TEAM does mark the first special edition of the fifth-generation model’s life.

A whole raft of football-inspired TEAM models have been made available from Golf to Tiguan and (Volkswagen says) each offers ‘exclusive equipment and unbeatable price advantages’. The Polo TEAM comes in, we think, three-door form only (no five-door versions are listed on the price list) and is offered with 59, 69, 84 and 104bhp petrol engines, while diesel lovers can specify 74, 89 and 104bhp TDI units. VW’s smooth-shifting seven-speed DSG gearbox can be chosen on the 84 and 104bhp petrol and 89bhp TDI models.

Playing to its sporting strengths, the new Polo special edition is based on the continental Comfortline model and features TEAM badging on the rear pillars, darkened rear windows, automatic dipping headlights, front fog lights with cornering function, rain-sensing windscreen wipers, heated front sports seats, floor mats, central arm rest, cruise control, RCD 210 radio system with MP3/CD player, unique ‘Pool’ blue/grey interior trim, and leather-covered gear knob, steering wheel and handbrake lever.

Quite a list we’re sure you’ll agree. But, there’s more. Buyers who specify the TEAM PLUS package get 7J x 16 ‘Cartagena’ alloys with 215/45 R 16 tyres and anti-theft wheel bolts and multifunction display with tyre pressure monitor. An upgraded RCD 200 radio system with satellite-navigation, a multifunction steering wheel and a winter package can all be chosen at additional cost.

What price all this exclusivity and extra kit, then? The 59bhp 1.2-litre kicks things off at €14.525 with the 104bhp TSI with DSG costing €18.625. The TDIs start at €17.175 for the 74bhp model, rising to €18.550 for the 104bhp version. Specify the TEAM PLUS equipment package, and you’ll pay €550 on top of the basic model’s price. Commemorating the football 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa this summer, the patriotic Volkswagen TEAM special editions are available to order now.

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