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30 July 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Tiger Sports create 180bhp, 900kg race-tuned Volkswagen Vento

2013 Tiger Sports Volkswagen Vento

We’d seen pictures from the recent reveal, but our friends at Indian Autos Blog have confirmed that the Tiger Sports Volkswagen Vento is ready to hit the tracks in the Indian Touring Car Championship. Created by the Indian racing team, the race-tuned Polo saloon is based on a standard Polo 6R-based Vento, on sale in India (and South Africa and Russia as the Polo Sedan). The car still has four doors, and is powered by a modified twin-cam 1.6-litre engine. Power is up to 180bhp from the standard car’s 106, thanks to a remapped ECU and data logger. An advanced lambda sensor is also fitted for an accurate air-fuel mix.

2013 Tiger Sports Volkswagen Vento

A close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox replaces the standard five-speeder, while a limited-slip differential helps put the power down to the track. Weight is down to 900kg, 220kg lighter than a customer-specification Vento, partly due to three doors, the wings, bonnet and boot lid being made from aerospace-type composite. Moving onto the chassis, KW Suspensions have fettled with the Tiger Sports Vento’s set-up, while uprated brakes also feature, along with an all-disc operation at the rear. Finally, the racing Vento also confirms to FIA safety standards. At the time of writing, there is no word on when the car will see its competitive debut.

[Source: Indian Autos Blog]

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24 September 2012 ~ 0 Comments

‘Sleek and affordable’ – Volkswagen Middle East launches the new Polo Sedan

2013 Volkswagen Polo Sedan (Middle East)

For the first time, Volkswagen Middle East has launched a Polo Sedan, joining the Jetta, Passat and completing its saloon portfolio. The Polo is made in Volkswagen India’s Pune factory, and comes with a 104bhp 1.6-litre engine with a six-speed automatic gearbox. Other equipment includes 15-inch alloy wheels, twin airbags, ABs, and central locking with keyless entry. The notchback-styled Polo Sedan is 4384mm long, 1466mm tall and 1699mm wide, and is based on the same model which is sold in Russia, South Africa, and India as the Vento. The Polo Sedan offers 455 litres of boot space and has an extended wheelbase which is 82mm longer than the European Polo hatchback.

2013 Volkswagen Polo Sedan (Middle East)

Volkswagen Middle East describes the Polo Sedan as ‘sleek, spacious and comfortable delivering luxury and innovation while being affordable.’ ‘The new Polo Sedan is the perfect combination of German engineering with optimum comfort and driving characteristics,’ says Marcus Butros, Sales Director, Volkswagen Middle East. ‘The Polo Sedan completes our sedan segment within the market following the Jetta and Passat and offers high safety standards, driving comfort, sleek styling and affordable innovation.’ The Polo Sedan is available in S and SE trims and should appear in Saudi Arabia, UAE and GCC showrooms this month. Prices will be announced shortly.

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20 April 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Fifth-generation Polo Sedan launched in Malaysia for RM99,888

2012 Volkswagen Polo Sedan (Malaysia)

Following success in India, Russia and South Africa, the latest market to launch a traditional booted version of the fifth-generation Polo is Malaysia. On sale yesterday at RM99,888 (excluding registration and insurance charges), the notchback is taking the lead from the Russian and South African markets and is named Polo Sedan. Made in India and exported to Malaysia, only one version is available, ‘Polo Sedan’, with a 1.6-litre, 104bhp petrol engine, once again borrowed from other markets. A six-speed Tiptronic traditional torque-converter gearbox is the only transmission available.

Marked out from the Polo hatchback by chrome external trim finishes and of course that elegantly-styled luggage boot, the Polo Sedan comes in six colours and with 15-inch alloy wheels. Leather-trimmed interior fixtures help the luxury feel, while equipment includes four electric windows, multifunction display, music system, four airbags and an ‘Intelligent Crash Response System’, which automatically unlocks the doors and switches on the hazard lights when an accident is detected. Local CKD (complete knock-down) production would depend on the new Polo Sedan’s success in Malaysia.

[Source: Indian Autos Blog and Paul Tan]

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23 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Volkswagen India launches mid-level diesel Vento Comfortline

Volkswagen Vento Comfortline Diesel

The latest Vento (Polo saloon) has proved popular in India, and Volkswagen has responded to customer demand and launched a third mid-spec Comfortline model with a 1.6-litre, 104bhp diesel engine. Priced at Rs 8.56 lakh ex-showroom in Maharashta and Rs 8.74 lakh ex-showroom in the rest of India, the Vento Comfortline Diesel features body-coloured door handles and mirrors front fog lights, CD/MP3 radio system, rear centre arm rest, ‘Livon’ fabric upholstery, and height-adjustable driver’s seat. All of this equipment is above the standard specification of the lower Vento Trendline models. ‘Since the introduction of the Vento, we have received requests for a mid-level trimline,’ Neeraj Garg, Member of the Board and Director of Volkswagen India Passenger Cars said.

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21 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Cricket-themed special Polo and Vento IPL Edition II for India

2012 Volkswagen Polo IPL Edition II

Following on from 2011’s special edition Vento IPL Edition, Volkswagen India launched the Polo and Vento IPL Edition II last week. Continuing its cricketing association with the Indian Premier League, the Polo and Vento IPL Edition II cars receive a rear passenger touchscreen multimedia player with built-in navigation system, social media integration, iPod control, micro SD slot with mini-USB interface, and Bluetooth. Leatherette seats, IPL-embossed door sill trims and floor mats, and an ‘IPL Edition II’ badging also feature.

2012 Volkswagen Vento IPL Edition II

Commenting on the launch of the latest special editions, Neeraj Garg, member of the Board and Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars said: ‘Last year we launched our first special edition model, the Vento IPL Edition, and then introduced the Breeze models of both the Polo and the Vento. The immense response we received towards these special editions has prompted us to continue with the IPL Editions, and this time with both our popular Polo and Vento car lines.’ The Polo IPL Edition II starts from (ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 6.13 lakh, while the Vento IPL Edition II is available from (ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 7.08 lakh.

Polo IPL Edition II (ex-showroom, Delhi)

1.2 petrol Highline: Rs 6.13 lakh
1.6 petrol Highline: Rs 6.48 lakh
1.2 diesel Highline: Rs 7.16 lakh

Vento IPL Edition II (ex-showroom, Delhi)
1.6 petrol Trendline: Rs 7.08 lakh
1.6 petrol Highline: Rs 8.23 lakh
1.6 petrol Highline (auto): Rs 9.21 lakh
1.6 diesel Trendline: Rs 8.28 lakh

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