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05 November 2016 ~ 0 Comments

‘Limited edition’ Polo GTI launched in India for Rs 25.99 lakh

2016 Volkswagen Polo GTI (India)

It’s been mooted for a long time, but finally the Polo GTI is available to buy in India. The car retails at Rs 25.99 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), but potential owners will need to be as quick as the 189bhp hot hatch – only 99 units will be available, as the car is a ‘limited edition’ for India. The car was first unveiled in February at the Auto Expo motor show in New Delhi, and differences for the Indian market include raised suspension and better dust-proofing.

16-inch ‘Salvador’ alloy wheels
The Indian-market hot Polo also comes with 16-inch ‘Salvador’ alloy wheels, one inch smaller than the European car. Also only available as a three-door, the high price is because the car comes only as a Completely Built Up (‘CBU’) model, which incurs higher taxes: Completely Knocked Down (‘CKD’) cars are cheaper, as parts of the finished vehicle are shipped to the the country of sale for assembly. Regular Polos for the local market are assembled in Volkswagen India’s Pune factory.

Performance is similar to its European sisters: the 1280kg Indian Polo GTI records a 0-62mph time of 7.2 seconds, while top speed is 146mph. Torque from its 1.8-litre turbocharged TSI engine is the same, too, at 184lb ft/250Nm. A seven-speed dual-clutch DSG gearbox is standard. Equipment includes LED headlights, twin exhaust pipes, ‘XDS’ electronic limited slip differential, ‘Composition Media’ colour touchscreen infotainment system, multifunction steering wheel, and six airbags.

Marketed as ‘Volkswagen GTI’
The Polo GTI costs Rs 17 lakh more than its less hot 103bhp Polo GT sibling, which is priced at Rs 9.07 lakh. The Indian Polo GTI is marketed just as ‘Volkswagen GTI’, so Volkswagen India is clearly testing the water before launching any further performance models. The Indian Polo GTI’s closest rival is the 147bhp Rs 9.99 Abarth Punto. As well as Europe, the Polo GTI has also appeared in China: a 131bhp model was introduced in 2012 with a 1.4-litre TSI engine from the locally-made Lavida saloon.

Michael Mayer, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India, said: ‘The GTI is one of its kind in the performance hatch segment and is designed for the petrol heads who are well versed with the GTI philosophy. It seamlessly blends power with comfort that guarantees performance and an adrenaline-packed driving experience. The one who drives a GTI need not to explain anything. He simply drives a statement. Volkswagen GTI remains the icon for all sporty cars and we are extremely proud to bring this phenomenon to India’.

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16 September 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Remus stainless steel exhaust upgrade for 2014- Polo GTI 1.8 TSI

Volkswagen Polo GTI 1.8 TSI Remus performance exhaust system upgrade

Hot on the tyre tracks of Cobra Sport’s exhaust upgrade for the 2014- (current) Polo GTI 1.8 TSi comes a similar system from Remus. Three 60mm stainless steel sports exhaust kits are available as the core product, and all are 5mm larger than the Polo GTI’s standard system. One offering has a resonator, one does without, while the third boasts fully-integrated electronic valves, complete with remote control to operate the valve control unit.

Quiet or aggressive-sounding
The latter system allows for the exhaust volume to be raised or lowered just by the simple push of a button, meaning that enthusiastic owners can have a quiet car day-to-day, or a more aggressive-sounding one when the need and time arises. Very clever, and something which has been solely realised by Remus, as the standard car does without such a trick system.

A pair of chromed and angled 90mm tailpipes mark the start of the under-bumper options. Five more 84mm offerings bolster the range, and available in chrome, ‘Street Race’, ‘Carbon Race’, ‘Street Race Black Chrome’, and titanium finishes, there really should be something for everyone. As a bonus, all of the available options should nestle under the hot Polo’s rear bumper easily.

High standard of quality
Remus tests all its systems on its own development cars and can therefore offer a very high standard of quality as well as increases in performance throughout the rev range. The company also states that while the increased volume is more aggressive than the car’s OEM system, it never becomes intrusive. Prices start at £91.20 including VAT for the front ‘race tube’ which replaces the front silencer, and rise to £1,008.00 including VAT for one system with the fully integrated electronic valves.

Visit Remus’ website at for more information on, and the fitment details and prices for, the Polo GTI 1.8 TSI cat-back sports exhaust system.


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23 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Cobra Sport announces performance exhaust system for 2014- Polo GTI 1.8 TSI

Polo GTI 1.8 TSI Cobra Sport performance exhaust system upgrade

Cobra Sport has announced a series of new performance exhaust upgrades for the current Polo GTI 1.8 TSI, which was first introduced in 2014. Following a similar series of upgrades for the previous 1.4-litre supercharged and turbocharged TSI engine which powered the 2010-2014 Polo GTI, the latest system ‘greatly improve the exhaust pitch and tone and add the sporty edge which was missing from the factory system,’ according to Cobra Sport.

Weight saving of 41 per cent
The resonated 2.5-inch cat-back system weighs only 9.52kg compared to the original’s 16.20kg, an impressive saving of 41 per cent. Cobra Sport claims that the de-­cat and sports cat front pipes have been enlarged to 3-inch bore and offer a weight saving of 0.60kg. The new offerings for the Polo GTI have the usual Cobra Sport best quality refinements, including Grade 304 stainless steel used throughout the system.

The Cobra Sport upgrades fit from the catalytic converter rearwards and replace the middle and rear sections. Owners looking for maximum performance and sound improvements, the company also offers both a 3-inch (76.2mm) high flow sports catalyst and de-cat front section to complete the turbo-back system.

Twin 3-inch and 3.25-inch tailpipes
A choice of twin 3-inch and 3.25-inch tailpipes in a highly polished T304 stainless steel finish is available, while a less obtrusive oval slash cut version can also be optioned. Cobra Sport states that the resonated cat back system offers a subtle 10db aural upgrade over the original (benchmarked in a 4000rpm static test) and that it is designed to ‘provide a purposeful but unobtrusive pitch perfect sound quality, which in no way interferes with day-­to‐day drivability’.

Matt Thomas, Sales Manager at Cobra Sport says: ‘The new Mk 5 Polo has been a big hit with initial owners and journalists who rate the naturally-aspirated 1.8 litre engine as a big improvement over the previous 1.4 TSI. We are very excited to have developed a full range of exhaust systems to offer an upgrade to suit the wide range of buyer requirements.’

The Polo GTI 1.8 TSI Cobra Sport non-resonated cat-back system starts at £427.20, while resonated cat-back upgrades are priced from £506.40. The most expensive upgrade is the turbo-back exhaust system with sports catalyst and resonater which retails at £1,202.54. For full details of the new systems, visit the Cobra Sport website.

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19 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Sixth-generation Volkswagen Polo spotted testing; ‘hybrid’ platform for India

2016 Volkswagen Polo (UK)

Ahead of a possible Geneva motor show reveal next spring, the new 2017 Volkswagen Polo has been spotted out and about in recent weeks. Heavily camouflaged versions of the new supermini have been seen piling on the miles in the most unlikely of places – the US. The Polo has never been sold Stateside (unlike its arch rival of 40 years, the Ford Fiesta), but various test cars have been spotted by Auto Express wearing Arizona licence plates.

Smallest MQB platform
Set to sit on the smallest of Volkswagen’s not-quite-so-new ‘MQB’ platform – which will eventually be shared with Audi, SEAT and Skoda variants – the new Polo will sport a slightly larger wheelbase for enlarged rear leg room, but the length will remain at close to four metres. Going by the spyshots, styling is expected to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

A host of small-capacity petrol engines will be boosted by turbochargers, while a new 1.5-litre diesel unit similar to one in use by Indian versions of the Polo will be drafted into service for the 2017 model. Transmissions are expected to be five and six-speed manuals, as well as the seven-speed DSG semi-automatic.

2016 Volkswagen Polo GTI (UK)

Polo GTI, but no GTE
Emissions are expected to be lower thanks to the revised and new efficient engines, but it’s not all economy and parsimony. Excitingly, one camouflaged car in the Auto Express spyshots looks to be a GTI, which signals that the ‘sports’ Polo will still have a place in the new line-up. Expect at least the 189bhp of the current ‘6C’ fifth-generation car, but sadly no hybrid ‘GTE’ version.

New connected technologies will play a major part in the sixth-generation model’s make-up, too. As with the revised variant introduced in 2014, touchscreen infotainment systems should feature throughout the range. And expect that range to broaden significantly with the introduction of the production version of the ‘T-Cross Breeze’ concept unveiled at the 2016 Geneva motor show – Autocar has papped this out testing, too.

‘Hybrid’ ‘PQ25’ chassis
The Polo is now a world car, on sale and doing good business in China, India, Russia, and South America among other places, but ET Bureau and Indian Autos Blog report that the 2017 car for India will be at least part-based on the current model, and not adopt quite so much of the new platform. this is thought to be down to cost-savings after the ‘Dieselgate’ emissions issue.

Slated for a 2018-2019 launch, the next-generation Polo and Vento (Polo saloon) for the Indian market are now expected to sit on the existing Polo’s ‘PQ25’ chassis, as will the new SUV version which is also thought to appear. A ‘hybrid’ mesh of the two old and new platforms is currently expected to work, although final details are still being finalised. New electrical systems are thought to provide the technology upgrades the emerging market Polo will demand.

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03 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Goodridge Performance launches 2014 > Polo GTI ‘Phantom’ brake line kit

Goodridge Performance Volkswagen Polo GTI 2014 > brake line kit

The latest version of the Polo GTI has been added to Goodridge Performance’s Phantom line of brake hose kits. Priced from £74.95 in the UK, the fittings of the ‘High Performance Brakelines’ kit come in a choice of stainless steel or zinc-plated materials, while the hoses can be specified in one of nine colours.

PTFE inner, stainless steel outer
The hoses have a PTFE inner, with a stainless steel outer braid. Goodridge states that this eliminates ‘the spongy feel’ under arduous conditions, resulting in a greater clutch operation. The kits are also said to provide superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and ‘not only provide the reliability and safety demanded but offer brilliant good looks that improve the appearance of any installation.’

Drawing on professional motorsport heritage and use, the Polo GTI brake hose kit is, as with all hose kit applications, 100 per cent pressure tested and is guaranteed to be leak-free and give an improved braking performance. The lines are also 100 per cent TÜV, DOT, ADR and ISO approved. Each kit is supplied with a selection of brackets and contains both square and banjo type fittings, one at either end of the line.

The ‘6C’ Polo GTI 2014 > brake hose kit is product number SVW0706 and is available to order via the Goodridge Performance website. A range of brake line products is also available to fit Volkswagen Polo models from 1994 onwards. The full list is available here.

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