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17 November 2014 ~ 0 Comments

New Volkswagen Polo TSI BlueMotion now available to order

2014 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion (6C)

Volkswagen has announced that the mainland Europe order books for the new Polo TSI BlueMotion are now open. There has been a BlueMotion model in the Polo range since 2008, but it has always been powered by a TDI diesel engine.

The TSI BlueMotion however breaks that template and comes with a new three-cylinder 1.0-litre petrol engine with Volkswagen’s TSI technology. The German company says that the Polo TSI BlueMotion has best-in-class emissions at 94g/km, and also class-beating fuel economy, with the car theoretically capable of 70.6mpg (4.1 l/100km).

The Polo TSI BlueMotion is the first petrol-powered Volkswagen BlueMotion model. Improvements to the engine management system result in the headline-grabbing figures, and the new eco Polo is the first petrol-driven Polo to receive a class A label for energy efficiency.

As with all new Polo models, the TSI BlueMotion meets the strict EU6 emissions standard. The new engine is rated at 88bhp and has a top speed of 118mph. Changes over the regular Polo include a lowered ride height, improved radiator grille and underbody aerodynamics.

As with previous Polo BlueMotions, reduced rolling resistance tyres and longer gear ratios in the upper transmission stages are the mechanical tweaks. A stop/start system, regenerative braking and a gear-change indicator are also part of the eco diet.

As with other new Polos, a range of safety assistance systems are available incuding the standard Automatic Post-Collision Braking System (which automatically initiates braking after a collision) and the optional Driver Alert System, Front Assist ambient traffic monitoring system with City Emergency Braking and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).

Prices for the new Polo TSI BlueMotion start at €15,925 for the three-door model. A TDI BlueMotion will also join the TSI BlueMotion, and both models will come to the UK in early 2015. Prices and exact specifications are yet to be announced.

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18 April 2014 ~ 0 Comments

91mpg, 82g/km – New Polo BlueMotion TDI available to order in Germany

2014 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion (6RF)

As journalists start to drive versions of the New Polo, the freshly-minted BlueMotion TDI model has been released for ordering in Germany. Billed as ‘the world’s most economical five-seater in its class’ by Volkswagen, the eco Polo is the latest in a line of miserly VW superminis that started with the original Polo BlueMotion in 2006 (which incidentally launched the BlueMotion brand).

The New Polo BlueMotion TDI isn’t coming to the UK – buyers there will get a new petrol-powered version instead – but its headline figures are impressive. Volkswagen states it is capable of 91mpg (3.1 litres per 100km) and 82g/km of CO2. Powered by a newly-developed three-cylinder diesel engine, the 2014 Polo BlueMotion TDI produces 74bhp and is said to be able to travel 870 miles (1400km) on a single tank of fuel.

As with previous versions, the New Polo BlueMotion TDI achieves its attention-grabbing values by ways of aerodynamic enhancements. A modified underbody, faired-in front grille, and aerodynamically-optimised front and rear spoilers help the New Polo BlueMotion TDI slip through the air more easily. Low rolling resistance tyres aid economy, too.

Unique features of the model include new 15-inch ‘Buenos Aires’ alloy wheels, the ‘Clearwater Blue’ paint finish, while interior comforts include chrome accents, unique ‘Link’ upholstery, leather-wrapped steering wheel, gear gaiter and handbrake lever, as well as Volkswagen’s latest infotainment system. Cruise control and a Stop/Start system with brake energy recuperation up the New Polo BlueMotion TDI’s ante in the eco stakes, too.

As with all New Polos, a wide range of safety technologies including an Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, Driver Alert System and Front Assist with City Emergency Braking will be available. Prices for the New Polo BlueMotion TDI start at 16,850 euros for the three-door.

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26 February 2014 ~ 3 Comments

On a (Swiss) roll: more New Polo variants revealed ahead of Geneva motor show

2014 Volkswagen Polo range (6RF)

While most of Europe was asleep last night, Volkswagen unveiled more variants of the refreshed Polo range which was seen for the first time last month. Due to take world premiere starring roles on the Volkswagen stand at the Geneva motor show next week, the New Polo BlueMotion, BlueGT and CrossPolo have all now broken cover. Let’s take the new variants one by one.

2014 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion (6RF)

New Polo BlueMotion
The big news here is the new petrol-powered Polo TSI BlueMotion. A new 1.0-litre 89bhp three-cylinder turbocharged engine carries the new car onto a claimed official fuel consumption figure of 68.9mpg and emissions of 94g/km. The new petrol version of the BlueMotion will be launched later in the year and will be the only BlueMotion model sold in the UK.

Europe on the other hand will receive a TDI BlueMotion with a new 1.4-litre three-cylinder TDI engine. With 91.1mpg mooted, Volkswagen claims makes it the most fuel-efficient five-seater car in the world. Emissions are equally impressive at 82g/km, while power is the same as the outgoing model at 74bhp. Range is said to be 900 miles from its 45-litre fuel tank – enough for a drive from Flensburg near Denmark to Venice!

Both TSI and TDI BlueMotion models gain a revised aerodynamic body kit and underbody panels. A burnished radiator grille insert and newly-optimised front and rear spoilers feature, with the rear spoiler swapping its trademark Mk 2 Polo appearance for a much more subtle affair. New 15-inch ‘Buenos Aires’ alloy wheels are fitted to the BlueMotions, while the new ‘Clearwater Blue Metallic’ colour is an exclusive BlueMotion shade. As before, chrome accents and special upholstery feature inside.

2014 Volkswagen Polo BlueGT (6RF)

New Polo BlueGT
Looking largely similar as the outgoing model, the New Polo BlueGT boasts 10bhp more than before, so the lightly revised 1.4-litre engine now develops 148bhp. Sitting below the forthcoming GTI, the BlueGT has active cylinder management (ACT) which shuts off two cylinders during light engine loads and speeds. Six-speed manual and seven-speed DSG gearboxes are as before, while 58.8mpg and 110g/km of CO2 are said to be achievable.

Styling tweaks include a 15mm suspension drop, smoked tail lights, 17-inch alloy wheels, refreshed bumpers and side sills and a new rear spoiler. The interior features a multifunction display with ACT indication, cruise control and sports seats.

2014 Volkswagen CrossPolo (6RF)

New CrossPolo
As before, the New CrossPolo will only be sold in selected markets, and won’t come to the UK. Gently restyled front and rear bumpers over the old car mark out the new model, and silver door mirrors now come with every version. Two new colours, ‘Honey Orange’ and ‘Titanium Beige’, smoked rear lights and new 17-inch “Canyon’ alloy wheels add the finishing touches.

Inside, the New CrossPolo features exclusive, more hardwiring and rugged fabrics on its sport seats, a new steering wheel as well as the new instruments and centre console featured on all New Polos. H7 headlights with optional bi-xenons also mark out the rejuvenated faux-SUV Polo. Initial engine choice will be made up from three petrols and three diesel units with power outputs from 74bhp to 108bhp. All feature a stop-start system and battery regeneration and all meet EU-6 emission standards.

As detailed at the international launch, standard on all versions of the New Polo is a revised electro-mechanical power steering system which, Volkswagen says, increases performance and comfort perceptibly. The Sport Select chassis with electrically-adjustable dampers is also new making its Polo debut, but is not available with BlueMotion or CrossPolo models.

Other New Polo highlights include an Automatic Post-Collision Braking System as standard and optional Front Assist with City Emergency Braking. New touchscreen infotainment systems also feature and the New Polo is the first Volkswagen with MirrorLink.

New Polo R-Line
As well as distinctive and separate mode lines, the European New Polo Comfortline and Highline are available with sporty customisation, courtesy of the new R-Line programme. Much as before, exterior and interior customisation is key here, with sports-styled front and rear bumpers, 16-inch ‘Salvador’ alloy wheels (with another 16-inch and three 17-inch designs available), sports seats and steering wheels all being part of the R-Line package. The R-Line is conspicuous by its absence in that it played no part in the newly-released New Polo family portraits.

Prices for the New Polo in Germany start at €12.450 for the three-door 59bhp Trendline model, while a limited-edition ‘Fresh’ model with the same number of doors and power retails at €16.075. Featuring special equipment and ‘Cornflower Blue’ paintwork, the Polo ‘Fresh’ is available for a limited time. UK prices and specifications will be announced when the New Polo is released for ordering in April. First deliveries are expected in July.

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03 December 2012 ~ 0 Comments 2012 Polo BlueMotion road test mini-magazine

2012 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion

With fuel costs seemingly continuing to soar, economy cars are the darlings of any car manufacturer’s model range. The Polo BlueMotion has been around since 2008, with the latest model hitting the roads two years later. With a combined cycle mpg figure of 80.7, it’s also one of the most economical small cars you can buy, so we reacquainted ourselves with Volkswagen’s smallest BlueMotion model by taking one to the Scottish Highlands to see just how green-spirited we could be. Would we get to Scotland on one tank of fuel? Read how we got on here, or click on the magazine graphic below. The eighth of our special digital mini-magazines, we’ve redesigned the layout so that it can be read on a tablet device. Check out the PoloDriver bookshelf on for our previous seven titles.

[issuu width=600 height=200 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=121203074254-8b8969950ee845008bdcba315bc5a7b6 name=polodriver_2012_polo_bluemotion_road_test username=polodriver tag=Volkswagen unit=px v=2]

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13 July 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Polo BlueMotion records 97.1mpg; travels 1564km (971 miles) on one tank of fuel

A Polo BlueMotion has covered 1564km (971 miles) on one tank of fuel, driving from one end of Germany to the other. Last weekend, the diesel-powered hatchback started its journey at Autostadt in Volkswagen’s German home of Wolfsburg, before passing through Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Kassel, and the region of Lower Saxony. Certified and tested by independent vehicle inspection organisation DEKRA, the run was the result of a competition staged by Volkswagen on its website, where visitors had to guess the distance a Polo BlueMotion can cover on one tank of fuel.

Driven by four expert fuel-saving drivers, the Polo BlueMotion’s tank was sealed by DEKRA, and while one driver was doing his run, the remaining three followed behind in a Passat Variant BlueMotion. The average speed of both vehicles was 84km/h (52mph), while the drivers were rotated in the Polo several times. The Polo BlueMotion beat Volkswagen’s own projected consumption of 3.3 litres per 100km (85.6mpg), posting a figure of 2.9 litres per 1000km (97.4mpg). We ran a Polo BlueMotion for a week earlier this month for an eco-run from Essex to the Highlands in Scotland, covering around 506 miles on one tank of fuel – just more than half what Volkswagen’s monitored car achieved.

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